Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Colorado at the front steps of the rocky mountains. Growing up our family spent a lot of time connecting with the spirit of nature and roaming the views of peak summits. I think that is where my first love for the golden hour came from. My Dad would wake us up early camping and take us on hikes with our cameras to find deer and any other wildlife that was up at that hour. I can still remember the colors washing over the mountains. I learned at a young age, to wake up everyday with an imaginative spirit looking towards the horizon ready to capture the moment. I would like to think that my photography style is influenced by the emotion, and freedom found on the wings of a great life adventure.


You ended up a photographer?

Well, I majored in Fashion Design and Production, but I soon learned that more than the love for clothing, was for the people wearing them and the stories of their lives. I had a big career change: as a creative I knew that my calling was more than to be behind the computer designing, that I needed be to working with people engaging with them through photography. I find person to person connection extremely rewarding!


What has influenced your photography?

Fashion has a big influence on my photography. I take from what is happening in the industry, inspired by editorial poses, and lighting and combine them with my love for the modern romantic, to tell their life and love story.


What kind of photography makes you weak in the knees?

Portrait photography of older people with really good facial life stories and lots of wrinkles, the more the better. Gets me every time!


What is your favorite thing about working with Jonathan?

I love that shooting with Jonathan makes us better together. He has an amazing eye for capturing the grandeur of an event and I love the details in storytelling. I love that stylistically we are drawn to the opposite spectrum of photography but when you put our work together it shows a full range that blends perfectly.