Is an Engagement Session included when I invest in our Wedding Photography?

YES! The Engagement session is a crucial part of the experience that we offer our couples! Feel free to contact me to receive more detailed information about Engagement session ideas!


Do you travel for destination weddings?

Yes! Yes! and Yes! We LOVE traveling and when we get the opportunity to travel and shoot a wedding at the same time, we're in heaven!


Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, of course! And the best part is, he's my man! We're a dynamic duo and we love shooting weddings together! You can get to know us more HERE!


How many images do you deliver?

We typically average 90-100 images per hour that we're shooting.


How do you deliver my images?

We deliver a personalized USB Drive and gallery on-line that you can share with your friends and family within two to three weeks after we shoot your wedding.


Do you offer prints and wedding albums?

Absolutely! Nothing makes us happier that to see your most cherished memories become something to have and to hold. We have taken great care in putting together four comprehensive packages that include the most popular products and services a couple would want. For more detailed information, feel free to email us through our contact form.


Do you shoot portrait sessions as well? 

YES! We believe that photography exists to capture all of your most treasured memories. From your first born, and each step along the way, we know that family matters.