I believe in TRUE LOVE!

There's something special about a deep spiritual connection to another human being. It reminds us that we can move mountains if we put our hearts and minds together to become a force of nature to be reckoned with. The one person that the universe has planned for you, souls that have made impressions in past lives waiting to find each other again here and now. When I met Lauren, I had no doubt in her faith that her and Jared had found true love. I believe that life is interconnected so when she and I met we instantly clicked. We became acquainted right as they became engaged so naturally Lauren wanted Jonathan and I to be the photographers for their big day. They knew that we would follow them on their journey anywhere their hearts took them, even into the middle of the desert.

Lucky for us their wedding vows were in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Now I have to tell you, that this little bride reached out to me a month in advance to ask me what I thought about rain on her wedding day. To be honest it really hadn't occurred to me since we were headed to Arizona, so we started a search for the perfect umbrellas, just in case. To get a better view on what the weather had in mind, Lauren reached out to the San Diego weather channel and contacted the local forecaster who she listened to daily.

Lauren received updated reports on the weather leading up to the big day and then hourly reports as the day went on from the weather station. As the bride and groom got ready in their individual cabins the rain began to come down. We aren't talking a little drizzle either, we are talking cats and dogs! With flash flood warnings on the horizon the wedding coordinator alerted us that we may need to move to plan B and pick a different location.

An hour before the final decision  had to be made on whether or not to change the wedding ceremony location, the rain began to let up....s-l-o-w-l-y. Then, all at once the stormy skies began to depart and sunshine begun to stream through the clouds. We all proceeded to God's church, Cathedral Rock in the center of Sedona. Which brings me to these photos, they are breathtaking and everything we are about. Love, Simply. Connect, Deeply. Faith, Fatefully.

The greatest gift was hearing how happy the bride and groom were with the photos when they saw them for the first time and still only a few months later. There were many !!!!! in a thread of text messages from the bride when she saw the photos for the first time! Later Lauren and Jared wrote this to us, "When I look back on our wedding day I tend to think of all the fun I had with our photographers, Jonathan and Julie. Granted, it was the most special day of both me and my husband’s lives but I really appreciated the thought Jonathan and Julie put behind capturing all of those intimate moments on film. They both had a vision, and executed it phenomenally.  Jonathan and Julie are always game for any idea you have and have such a creative vision that is transparent in their photography.  I always have friends, family members, and co-workers always telling me just how outrageously beautiful our photos are, and that they should be in a magazine.I am so glad they were there behind the lenses on our wedding day, they exceeded every expectation and then some and now we have these INCREDIBLE memories they have captured to look back on and remember."

Never in my wildest dreams would I have known that this heaven on earth would be so beautiful and I truly feel blessed to have spent this time with these amazing friends.  If love is a dream just waiting to become realized. I can't help but wonder where will love take you?
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