A proper proposal begins with the air of romance. A truly brave act, traditional in nature that provokes excitement and mystery into the future of your forever commitment to love one another for all days to come. It will be a day you reminisce on in the good times and the bad, in many ways it will reflect the efforts of your courtship from the day you first met. Weather you’re more of a love that is bound to spontaneously break into a proposal so overwhelmed by love you simply can’t hold back, or you’re the step by step methodical romantic type, there is always room for elements of surprise that help to be considered.  

1.Family and Friends Blessings

Despite the fact that I don’t always adhere to the traditional norms, there are some tried and true that I just can’t help but believe will serve as a benefit in matrimony. Now mind you this is coming from a woman who wears her Grandfather's wedding band on her right hand as a reminder to the love shared over 60 years to my late Grandmother. They shared the kind of love that was unbreakable and remarkable.

Having Blessings on a marriage does two things. It creates community. It opens the doors into the family and invites them into your lives together; strengthening the bonds that you need to continue to build as your support through the good times and the bad. Our closest friends are our chosen family. Consider getting video testimonials, something that you both can look back at over the years to reflect on to remember how others see your special love when they think of you..

Second, it shows that you are brave and willing to listen to feedback. It takes a lot of gumph to pop the question to the parents to be. Getting sound advice from those who have walked the aisle before, you are certain to be offered some wise words to live by. Record these words. These are the little moments that will fill your memories and might just surprise you!


2. Choosing the Location

Ring, check! Blessings, check! Practice saying “Will You Marry Me” in the mirror 100+ times a day, check! Alright we are off to the races… or are we? Choosing a place to propose should have purpose, that much is undoubtedly true. The question is, will your location give you away before you even start and does that matter to you?

Should you go covert mission and plan a special trip or keep it on the low and make it just like any other day but with an unexpected twist? That is completely dependant on your relationship. If it is just like you to jet off into the sunset with a bottle of champagne then I say rock it! If family matters most, planning around a family vacation could be the way to go, or if you are long walks on the beach kind of folk, pick a place that is sure to have the likeliness for a spectacular sunset. Just make it about you and your love!

3. Time of Day

Let’s just take a minute to talk about the hottest day of the year at high noon…. Ok, great, need I say more? Sincerely, this is not just coming from me as a photographer who is always concerned with where the sun is in the sky. This is coming from a place of concern to look and feel your best. Creating a romantic atmospheric ambiance, for that perfect moment can be all about the light and the freshness of the air. As the day cools or heats up, but trust me no one wants to be sweating it out. The sun plays a huge factor in this and if you are looking for the golden hour, it happens 45 minutes before and after the sunset or after the sunrises each and every day. 

4. What to Wear

You: Look dapper! Take a moment to spruce up, this is a special occasion! Go through the personal grooming list, fresh new haircut, maybe a little mani time. Your love is sure to remember every last detail of this unforgettable moment (no pressure). Depending on what your grand plan is for your fine proposal, find a complimenting wardrobe choice that is appropriate. So if you are going Indycar Racing make sure that your track suit is pressed and ready to go!

Your Love: Tip them off without blowing the top off the surprise! This may be the trickiest to navigate. You may want to say something like, “you know what my favorite outfit is on you….you should wear that today.” Or gift a new outfit that you know she will love and not be able to resist wearing right then and there!

5. Setting the Scene

You may want to consider booking a pop up for your proposal where you can show up to your special engagement with a table for two decked to the nines with wine and snacks to enjoy some quality time together or to take it to the next level book a Proposal Day Coordinator who will craft your vision to perfection with meaning and detail with Tiffany Baldwin and Baldwin Bridal and Events  who specialized in day of services and event planning.


5. Capturing the Proposal

About a month ago I had a very serendipitous moment, I was walking on the Santa Monica pier and I looked over to see a gentleman fishing in his pocket, while the woman was gazing out over the beach watching people frolic in the ocean surf. At this point I turned my camera to them as he began to take a knee and reach for her hand. It all happened so quickly, as she turned back to look at him her eyes lowered to where he was looking up at her. Snapping away I watched her free hand go to her mouth in surprise and then tears well up in her eyes. He asked her to marry her, right then and there! She said yes and they embraced and I was right there to capture this moment for them. It was an amazing, organic and a beautiful moment of love. I later shared these photos with them, they were beyond delighted and greatly appreciative. Capturing the proposal is a once and a lifetime event, that you just can’t miss out on having photographed. Trust me you will want them to remember this life changing time in your life! And we photographers have a way of making ourselves un-noticed from afar without intrusion.

6. Celebrate

When your love says yes, be sure to celebrate immediately afterwards. Be prepared with a delicious dessert, your favorite song and a couple of dance moves. Let your hearts soar to the sky and fall lovingly into one another's arms. This is what dreams are made of so why not live in them?!