I am beyond excited to be launching this new site! It has been a long time coming and while it didn't happen overnight, I've been dreaming about every detail for the past 6 months. Pondering in my head what the final outcome and appearance would look like. So without further adieu, welcome to my baby, Jones Photography Company!

I expect this to be an evolution, a teaching pad, and a place to share all of my pretties with you! If you know me already you know that I love to adventure, and discover new people and places. I am enthralled to collaborate and share beautiful creations with others. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

My most recent adventure took me some where I never thought I would go, but as fortune has it, the opportunity was there so I jumped on it. In Nevada, at the lowest point in North America, when the conditions are just right, the wild flowers of Death Valley appear in what is know as the "Super Bloom."

From sea salt flats and volcanic pumice stones, Death Valley leaves you feeling like you have landed on the moon. What wonder it is that life should even be given a second thought in a place as barren as this. Yet, along these one lane roads life has sprung into vibrant colors pouring forth beauty brought by the rains. This may happen once in a persons life time, such as true love.

One final note, It is surely no coincidence that life in Death Valley came to bloom at this time in history. I look forward to seeing a super bloom happen here on this blog, as a reflection of this new launch. I hope that this blog becomes a place for all of us to engage and build a community much like the yellow flowers across the desert horizon. So, please let us connect! Grab a cup of tea or in my case coffee! Comment, ask questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

Images by yours truly! Enjoy!